Frequently Asked Questions

What is an iteration?

  An iteration is considered minor changes or revisions to a design. You will generally get one free iteration per item, and any additional iterations are charged at 30% of the item price.  

What is a mockup?

A mockup is a digitally rendered image of your design on a specific item. For example, a logo mockup could be a rendering of your logo on a building wall. Mockups are a great way to visualize what the design will look like in the real world, and can also be used in other branding items to show off your brand.

What do you get in a logo design?

Typically, you will get a few variations of the final logo, such as normal colour, inverted colour (for dark backgrounds), greyscale and inverted greyscale. This will give you versatility to use the correct version depending on where it is being used.

Logos are provided in the following vector formats: native AI file, PDF, SVG and EMF, as well as the following raster formats: JPG and PNG.

What do you get in a business card design?

You will get the native Adobe Illustrator file as well as a print-ready PDF file complete with bleed and trim marks. You simply need to provide the print-ready PDF file to your chosen print service provider and they will do the rest.

What do you get in a letterhead design?

You will get a Microsoft Word template file, ready for you to just write your letter.

What do you get in an email signature design?

You will get an email signature designed in a Microsoft Word document for easy copying-and-pasting into your chosen email software. You will also get an HTML file which could be used in Outlook and other programs. Finally, you will also get a PNG image format which can simply be inserted into any email.

What do you get in a company profile design?

You will get the native Adobe Indesign file, as well as two PDF files. The first file can be used on digital platforms (such as your website), and the second file is a print-ready version with bleed and trim marks, so that you can simply hand it over to your chosen print service provider and they will do the rest.

What is a font pairing?

A font pairing is choosing two different fonts which complement each other well. Typically, you will have a heading font and a body font. It is important to have a consistent font pairing that is used across all your branding.

What is colour palette?

A primary colour palette usually includes three colours which form the main colours of your brand – it forms the prominent colours that others will see when viewing your logo, business card, letterhead and other items.

A secondary colour palette contains an additional three colours which are mainly used as accent colours, or when the primary colours may not fit a specific use case.

What is the difference between vector and raster formats?

Vector images use specific code such as paths and coordinates to make up your image. These formats mean the image can be zoomed in or out indefinitely and will maintain its crisp quality. Vectors are very popular on websites.

Raster images, such as JPG and PNG, use pixel information to make up your image. This means they have a fixed resolution, so zooming in or out will result in blurry or pixelated images.

It is always best to use vector formats if you can, in order to get the best quality. However, some instances only allow raster formats.

Can I get my branding printed?

M Slash is a purely design-based company and hence we do not offer any printing services. We also believe this gives you the freedom to choose your own print service provider, putting the control in your hands.

What do you get in website design?

You will get all the files necessary to upload on to your hosting server, including the HTML and CSS files. Websites are generally designed using Nicepage. If you wish to make future changes, you will need to use Nicepage software, or you could edit the HTML and CSS files directly.

Please note that you will need to provide all the information that you want on your website. We will source up to 5 royalty free stock photos for your site.

What do you get in an online store (ecommerce) website design?

For an online store design, you will get a fully designed and set up ecommerce website built on the popular Wordpress Content Management System (CMS) and integrated with WooCommerce for all ecommerce functionalities. The most basic form of ecommerce website includes the following pages: Home, Shop, Cart, Checkout and My Account.

The site will also be integrated with PayFast to accept payments. You will need a verified PayFast account for this.

What is WordPress, WooCommerce and PayFast?

WordPress is the world's most popular free Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows your website to display dynamic content, which is required when setting up an ecommerce website. The content that is displayed to the user when using an online store changes, depending on which products they view and what they add to their cart, for example. This is why a CMS is needed for online stores.

WooCommerce is a popular and free plugin for WordPress that enables various ecommerce features, such as adding products, managing the shop, enabling a cart and checkout experience, and integrate with a payment gateway such as PayFast.

PayFast is South Africa's leading online payment gateway. Integrating PayFast on your website will allow users in South Africa to make payments via various methods such as Credit and Debit Cards, Masterpass, Zapper and Instant EFT. You will need a verified account with PayFast before you can accept payments on your website. You can get more information on PayFast's website.

What is an advanced contact form on a website?

An advanced contact form on a website usually has fields and a message box which a user can complete and submit directly from your website. This is then sent to your email address directly. It is a great feature for your customers to easily contact you or make an enquiry directly from your website.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization techniques aim to improve your presence on search engines such as Google. We offer some basic SEO which will help get your site indexed by Google.

What is domain name registration and hosting service, and why is it not provided?

A domain name is your website URL – for example, M Slash’s domain is The first step to getting your website is registering a domain name.

A hosting service provider allows you to store your actual website on the internet, and links to your domain name. You will also need a service with a hosting provider. For online store websites, your hosting service must be able to host a WordPress site.

M Slash does not offer these services as we are a purely design-based company. We also believe this gives you the freedom to choose your own provider, removes the middleman so you save money, and puts you in full control of your website. However, if this is all new to you, reach out to us and we can definitely advise you and help you out with the process.

Do you still have some questions? Is there anything  else you would like to know? Please get in touch with us and we will gladly assist.

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